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The Vineyard



With Syrah

If you know us a little,you must already know that we don’t like following the conventional way of trusting our personal ego and stupidity.In any case, being critical of yourself always saves you of useless battles against invisible enemies and as it is known such battles are always very very bad.That’s why we always took the selection for grape varieties very seriously and not only as geopolitical legacy.

We chose SRYRAH which is not a greek variety, even though some claim that its name dimly dates back to the island of Syros.We were not interested in imitating, although we very much liked its successful style in the emerging wine making countries or those in classical Europe.We were interested with our huge care ,our wine to grow with the aromas and the fruit flavours of the generous northern greece and also our with own character.

In any case real beauty in wine comes every year in its own special way, making sugar measurements resembling to a simple, yet necessary multiplication.From our first vinification it became obvious the we were too close to our desire to cultivate our own dark coloured ,looking like fresh plums and black shiny cherries of the area,Syrah.

Through the years of vilification,the beaty of every year’s wine emerged from this very appealing formula,wth rich vegetation, full tasteful body, balanced drive and grace, virtue,wholeness,clear vivid aromas, drive for life and exploitations.Today with all this experience we move on to the enchanting ,competitive SYRAH-HORA,charmed by the generous accomplishment and the inevitable juxtaposition. A juxtaposition that urges to compete more, to be aware, to sculpt in order to express your better self with an unrepeatable and genuine archetype straight through the deep earthling roots of the grapevine.

With Aglianico

Northern Greece,Macedonia,used to be the last Greek power and that’s why it was the first that triggered the Roman expansivity.The historical details concerning the conquering of Macedonia by the Romans are more or less known.After the battle in Pydna a message reached Rome “civitates omens Macedoniae in doctored populist romani venisse”.The Macedonian heirlooms and treasures that were transferred to Rome were astonishing, the route of the lavishes in the roads of the town according to the historians lasted for days and it is said that Roman citizens didn’t pay any taxis for one hundred fifty years because the “eternal” city could be supported by the Macedonian money.The financial conditions after the conquering must have been devastating for the surviving citizens of the region.

Eight centuries before these facts ,Greeks,probably Evians,settled in many regions of northern Italy.They brought along with their belongings their useful knowledge for both their own prosperity and also for the new lands they settled in.In any case this was the meaning and the goal of their new beginning.They brought along with them many and different boughs of grapevines which probably called Greek varieties for many years.They were poor in something the Greeks back then;Obviously not because of 800 up to 300 BC the greek economy was growing forcefully thanks to these very people.Most likely in this growth contributed agriculture which was one of the biggest branches of the age.

Today only one of these numerous grape varieties transfered is cultivated in central and southern Italy and it still carries clearly its Greek name.It is almost a harmless cliché for all ,Greeks or not, after so many centuries to be repeated over and over again that the Greek civilisation either through the relations it created or with what was stolen from it, enlightened the “dark” west.But deep inside we felt that it is also a cliché to voluntarily distance yourself from your “own” lights for some bizarre to us reasons.The joy of endless life of Allianiko growing in the slopes of Pydna could call for experimental cultivation of the grapevine boughs we brought from Italy 5 years before our wine was released in the market but it was decided and thankfully had to be done.This decision brought to life a blood red wine full of aromas and classic DNA.

One of these wise wines competed european fairies, wizards,dragons,legends crusaders and stories.A beautiful bright soul which learned to master places that others seek to reach just for a moment .Places where you don’t drink to forget,you don’t need to love and hurt ,you aren’t broken in order to win, to lose in order not to be abused ,to sell out precious things you should be given as a gift ,to buy those you should throw away. There,too close, too far, there, were the body ‘’The Word’’ along with the heart match in harmony.


With Malagousia

In the dark Ottoman winters Hellas went through,many professions,human skills along with many grape varieties ,disappeared.It is certain that Ottmans didn’t like the idea of wine.Wine was consumed by Christians and here we are talking about everything that has to do with wine,its roots and its cultural influence.Grape as a perennial cultivation which needs care,brings wine through peace,stability,grape presses building facilities, basements,barrels,means of transport and commerce.

The western part of Greece was in commerce with cities in Italy,the power of the medieval and later on.Concerning MALAGOUSIA ,the regional conditions of communication with the Venetias and other Italian cities,probably helped the consumption,as wine in the Venetian port,the merchant junction of Nafpactos with a view for something alive to be found from this fairly new and incidental synergy of many factors.From professor Logotheti Institute of Wine, the agronomist Kotini to the grafting of the 2-3 last vines which the wine grower Valandrea in Neohori Mesologiou and the shipowner John Karra.

The vines were planted in the 70’s to the mythical Porto Karras, Malagousia never hid its beauty.Charmed and was charmed fast,in a fairytale story,a little touching and authentically Greek.Based on our mainly anthropocentric perception.That is to say choices bare success,duration,breath and appropriate conditions for miracles stemming from personal goals and powerful dreams.The most touching and favourite reason is the very one that happens in the common meeting point with the many,unhurriedly,coincidentally through the beauty and the appeal of the mutually accepted grace.

In this delicate understanding that time curves a little, pauses a little,nature is illuminated and we silently accept that we want to be happy through the Good ,that we love Cinderella,that we trully want her in our lives.We want her either as a fairytale,as a dream,as a prospective,or as a permanent possibility and preference in our glasses. A bright spirit in a bright transparent grape,one more Greek legacy to the genuine joy of life which waited for long and desires to rightfully and firmly accompany our steps.

With Verdicchio

When we started the winery, we already knew that there were many of them in the world and that there wasn’t anybody out there in great need of a few more new wines and labels.Especially when you are not already a vine grower ,wine maker or a member of a family with such a tradition.Because rightfully tradition in this sector means a lot and bears a lot of its charm.

In our demanding wine journey the steppingstone was our correlation based on the common belief that what we wanted to express through our wines was simply ourselves.Namely our ideas, our beliefs, our suggestions and experiences as they were formed through the personal course of each one of us.Perhaps that’s why for our specific label IDEALISTA we chose the wine variety VERDICCIO. Even though it is the 15th more planted variety in Italy,even more ahead of the famous Chardonnay,Pinot noir or Sauvignon blanc, it is less known than them.This choice of ours brought close to us a powerful beauty, grace ,aromas, freshness and incorruptible youth.

It was one more experiment for our new back then winery, based on intuition and the known 5year banning of the launching of the wine in the market.A big confirmation we would take and still do from our vinous life is the awareness of the enormous perfect power of nature and the spirituality that comes with it. For the development to the complicated creation of nature mingled deeply with the bold footprint a person needs to trusts his instincts.

You work carefully without compromises you are humble,you appreciate the power of beauty, you hope for the best being ready and brave.And here we are at last .This specific label of ours is dedicated to these abilities ,to choices ,beauty, and to what can happen when you believe in something with all your heart, against all odds. It is also dedicated to all the “nos” that anyone will “say” in order to protect his few difficult ,unique and indefeasible YES.