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The Venture

The Philosophy

The knowledge of the interaction that we impose one the other, has the power to continually reform and extend the limits, enforcing the mans consciousness to always pursue the best possible outcome. On the above account the footprint that our wine leaves in its encounters with peoples lives, by the consumption of a single bottle, is a huge responsibility that we respectfully undertake.
We do believe that wine, as a substance that mingles for centuries with the social, cultural and religious life, has been transformed to a social dimension that brings more than other beverages, the inevitable unsaid human quest, its consumptions to refresh, to offer care and substance to companionship and sociability by being shared on the same table.
Wine, by participating in the world of non obligatory sacrificial offering, demonstrates that is has a purpose that materializes in the land of no oblivion, no wrongdoing, namely the truth.
For this we carry as a principal the Gospel’s quote, ‘The truth will liberate us’.

The Idea

To absorb new ways of cultivation for the creation of fine, not industrialized, wines, that we chose to promote as local wines, without other commercial indications despite the fact they are fully entitled to carry (e.g. ktima-estate). We believe that this approach supports unconventional ways of thinking that deliberately focus and respond to the quality assessments of the end product.
To quest the fair trade by seeking recognizing the ‘good’ and the real value that eventually will be beneficial to all parties.
To contribute to the creative transformation of the simple information to truth, open to all, with terms of clarity that we can bear and communicate with people. That’s the reason that we expose ourselves on the internet media, lightening the shadows, absorbing ideas, encouraging creativeness, rebuilding our relation with the past and the tradition under the current light, abolishing obligation and constrain out of our esthetics and replacing them with the realism of responsibility towards every one and everything.

The Label

We consider the label as symbol that expresses our respect to the nature, to the earth, its history as well as our little contribution to it. That’s the reason we decided to display KITRVS label in its full notional frame that includes all capacities, either already expressed or potentially there.
In our KITRVS the creative winning existence, carries a reason and teaches us mostly that the beauty pleases and acts as a gratis, as a happily received gift, not as means of imposition, to the extend that enlightens our understanding.
For this our label began with the tree of life in its core that will gradually make room for all those ingredients that make the world and our wine better.

The Team

The people at KITRVS, we embrace the struggle. We have a deep respect for the endless potential that lies within the land in general and even more in Pydna specifically. We believe to get the best from our land we need prudence, courage, and the ability to laugh and compromise with nature rather than fight it.